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Full text of "Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Parks Monthly Report, November 1918"

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10, 1918 • 

latlenal Pas* Jerr loo, 

Do >&rtnent of tho Interior, 

ashlngton, D, C. 

X hero tho 

in tho par* for tho aonth of 

Jho Yellowstone National Parle m oot aside by 
-oiv-reee Ijtrob 1, 1872, (Sees. -474 and 2475. 3, 3,, 
17 tat., Wt\ as a le*eurln/>*rTound ttr tho benefit cad 
enjoyment of tho people, and nlaoed under tho exclusire oc 
trol of tho Joeretary of tho Interior, oho was authorised 
to aako enoh rmloo end reflations as ho doeis neeeeaary for 
tho ooxo and amlntenanoe of tho pas*. It li si tor. tod «rin- 
ily in northwestern yomlwr, but la-s oror a little more 
than too alios into Montana on tho Berth, and almost too 
•alios into W s nt sssa and Idaho on tho Moot. Its diaanaieae 
are about a niles Horth and South, and about 64 adloo as* 
and oft, ffiTln* an area of about 3,841 square miles, or 
2,142,720 aeree. Its altitude is 6 9 000 to 11,000 foot. 

Tho oar* vao feremed by oiTlllan superintendents, 
assisted by a f ow aoouts, from tho time it em* oot aside 

until urrust 10, 1866, ./hen, under authority oontainod in 
tho Sundry OItII Bill, a> Trered Ijurefa S, 1885, at tho re- 
quest of tho Secretary >f tho Interior, tho Secretary of 
ar detailed troops of United state* Cavalry to orotect it, 
tho s osjoao dt n e; offloor eating as par* auporlntondent under 
tho diroot orders of the eoretury of tho Interior. 
Oetobor 16, 1916, by Mutual arroatasmts of tho heads of tho 
too departments, the troops ware withdrawn fro* the lai-k and 
a oiTlllan euperintondont , .ith a ooroo of 26 run ers for 
patrol and uroteetlen work, and a few oiTlllan employees 
necessary for other dutloo, ware designated by tho Secretary 


of the Interior to replace the~u ?he dudry Olrii Bill. 
approved June 1% 1917, (ublio too 21, 65th Oon/rroes) eon- 
talned a elaaee vhich made It necessary for the troops to he 
returned to the part for the umose of tjatrollin^ it, and 
they returned en June 26, 1917, relieving the part eupcv 
tendcnt of to much of the duties a* pertained to 'protection. 
Jhe Sundry Oivil BUI, a proved July 1, 191% again made pro- 
vision for protection of the part by a force of wivlllan 
rangers, and this jort was again taken over toy * force of 25 
rangers, at the olose of the 1918 tourist season. 2hc post 
ef Fort Yellowstone .ns formally abandoned for the second time 
at the end of October, 1918. 

*he *et of Oongresa which appropriated funds for 
roteotion of the part also placed the e as for 

maintenance end lnqprovenent under the ocretar„ of the In- 
terior, instead of under the Secretary of tfar, as heretofore, 
and oer^ltted the reorganisation of the wort under this office, 
lining it with the administration and mroteotlon 

The local office of the ff« eather Bureau, )* art- 

awnt of ,grieulture, is in charge of *• . wrton, Obeerver. 

temperature and precipitation records are also aade by the 
rangers at several of the stations, for the eather 

The l. S. Department ef Justice is represented by 
a United tates Cennisslonor, .ho is authorised to try all 
violators of I aric laws and regulations. 

ark Headquarters for all departments and most ef 
the concessioners, is located at 'jraoth Hot Springs. tele- 
phone systeta ecnneots • eadquartorc .rith sub-stations, hydro- 
electric paver plant furnished the light for the buildings and 
grounds at Headquarters. ater, eleotrlo current, and tele- 
phone service are furnished other departments of the Govern- 
ment in the park by the National Part erviee, without charge. 
During November the hydro-electric power olant was run daily 
4«00 p. nu until l.%00 noon. 

* ,, ... _., , . _ .. _•_;_, 

She seem temperature was £6*7, which was 1*4 below 
5,9 inches of anew fell during the south, - total 
precipitation 0.66 inches of water, which is less than one- 
half the normal amount. Copy of ionthly eteorologloal Heport 
is inclosed horo./ith. 

7te folio in#-aa»d regular enolcyees were carried 
the nay roll during tho *onth of nov^nbori 

1 Chief Clerk ( oting uperlntendent) 

fchasiag Clerk 
4 Clerks 

1 01erfc-steno*;ratfxer 
1 Civil i^inttr 

to and including the ltth. 

to aad Including the 21st. 
4 Assistant Chief Bangers 
12 Part Rangers ; 6> 3^<u- ef. <?«-^*- Ji^, 
1 Paifc Rj«^« 21»t to 30th 
1 Pant ftanger sath to »tfc 
1 Buffalo Keeper including 15th 
I I lneown 
1 Laborer 

1 Plumber 

2 telephone Switchboard Operators 
1 Overseer 

^: Assistant Chief Banger Janes JfeBrlde 
( oting Chief Aaaerer) was stationed at HcaAqaartcrs and aadc 
trips of inspection to various stations throughout the park 
during the aonth. He also assisted at the buffalo fanu 
vaccinating the buffalo calves. 

seistant Chief Pawner Charles ft aaith was stationed 
at Headquarters la the Chief Ranger's office and made several 
patrols by aetoregrolo and true* to the buffalo fan and lover 

ssistant Chief hunger Jam# , :# Brooks, in charge 
of the southern division, made general patrols with rangers 

at Snake Hirer. Boohlor, and Lake tations. aad looked after 
aaking o aches f rations for nee during the winter season 
when patrols hare to be made on snewshoos or skis. 

Assistant Chief Ha*gcr Harry MHtoa made patrols 
from Headquarters, and also made two trips to the buffalo fans 
during: the month to assist in Taccin&tli* as* castrating the 
taffalo calves. 

first-class rarfc Bsflfjej Aeombe was in charge 

of !Power frails Nation, from which station ho mde frequent 
patrols to the north line of lougrh Crook: and Buffalo Fork. 
Ho also assisted handling tho buffalo ealve* dwij» their 
vaccinatis*, and after the death of Buffalo ;:ee^r Frasier, 
on leveabcr 15, ho was plaocd in. charge at the taffalo farm 
until he contracted the influence and was foreed to take a 
leave of absence from November S3 to Seoerabc 

art: H«3it?«r Oooi^e km was stationed durli^ the 
eat ire month at Sower Falls station. He spent such of 
Mae patrolling the north line, sere 

?lrst-ola*.« ajgrtr Petar Lawson ;«e 

charge of Gallatin station dlstriot throtigbeut the month, and 
did much extra patrolling o* the ine on account of the 

- of hnnters the other side of the line in J&ntanau 

m- x « rk ****** K#y 2, /rasier was stationed at Gallatin 
with Jawsen until Kovcnfter 4, when he was relieved there ta 
laagwr Dowlas and sent to the taffalo farm to assist in 
vaccinating the taffalo calves- He also eontraeted influenza 
and was on sick report f*om November 21 to November 28. 
Since his recovery he has heen stationed at Crevice Station* 

«+ t^w «/i?**" Cla I t *** SP* *** Hoy ledom was in charge 
? ** *» Station, and patrolled that district as well as Canyon. 
?h«ae, and Sylvan >ass. 

at the lake Station. 

She rangers at lake Station placed caches of rations 
for winter use dnrixig the month of November, and also made 
further efforts to locate their saddle and pack animals, which 
were lost on October £2, tat these have not been found. 

first-class .arte laager ^had C. ound was in charge 
of Gardiner Station throughout the month. Be m easistod 

^J!*?** f"?*»* ** * E *W 2leJ*«hlin, who has been 
wieusl^r stationed at ^oda Butte Station. 

ark Hanger laautmna* iiassanovich was also stationed 

1 . ft t ,<*■*■, 

First-class Tttrtc Banger Umaey ndereon was in charge 
of t>oda Butte Station, He strolled a total of 350 miles on 

*~*«fc *"** *• "•**• * *•***• ***t to fcae seen 2400 
elk, 3» sheep; all ia good condition. Alee that there is 
plenty ** 8**** for then and very little snow. He killed 16 
coyotes tooting the math* 

Park Kaa&er . . Ilojuiaghlin was stationed at Soda 
Butte tatioa with ndersoa to include Koveraber ZZ, when he 
was relieved and assigned to Gardiner Utaticu. Be reports 
that he rode 370 miles during the & days at Soda Butte. 

Parte Banger illi« s. Howard was stationed at soda 
Butte Station beginning Sares&er 

first-class Park iiaager Court B* Deling was in charge 
of Crevice Station froa Hereafter 1 to Kevsnber 15* Since 

Horeaibcr 16 he has hem stationed at Gardiner and oade a specialty 
ia trapping coyotes between Sepuleher Mountain and Zfewat Erarts. 
Ee caught T coyotes during the aonth. Ee reports having soon 
about 600 elk, 200 antelope, and 14 mountain tfheep. 

Pwrtk B*»e«r Janes 1U Dapuis was stationed at Crevice 
Station, and has been ia charge of that station since Storing 
was relieved* en November 16. 

mite a number of hunter e were reported outside the 
park in this locality, and aaa on this station had aucfc extra 
patrolling during the open hunting 

Park Hanger R, F, Custeaan was stationed at liorris, 
where he mde patrols tovmrda Tello/stone and Canyon, and node 
mam repairs to the telephone line. He patrolled 480 miles 
on aotoreyele. 

Park Banger J. # SUM was in charge of tasks Hirer 
Station, at the southern entrance, and mode natrels east and 
west along the pufc line froia that station. 

ark Banger illiaa Mi urdue has been stationed 
with Banger 31iae at Snake Hirer Station since Hovnbar 25. 

Park Hangar Ford >nrdy was in charge of lUvereide 
station, at the western entrance. Daily patrols ere ^ade 
ftwm this station along the park line both north *** south 

fJrea the town of Telievstouo* Ho reports tat few hunters in 
that looality. and that they haro had tat little sneeess In 
killing elk, 

ark Baagor F« 3. fowaaend aaoiatod Sanger Purdy 
at Hirer eide Station 

arte 3Un*or Frank J# iness was in charge of Beohler 
Station in the ooutfevest oornor of the pork. Bipolar natrols 
• made north on the west lino and oast on the so th lino 
tho month. 

m. ** -J*?* ****** *■»• Soasell vu aloo atationod at 
Boehlor station* 

Stove Klkina mo eetolqyed aa a hunter with trained 
doge einoo Korentar ll f for tho apoolal purpose of exterminating 
mountain lions* Moot of hie work wae done on Bollrearlng and 
I .ount vTarte. Ho onoooodod in killing one mountain lion up 

"* 30tlu 

Baffalo Keeper Frasier vma taay tho fore part of 
tho month, oaring for tho taffalo hard and p»eparlng for tho 
▼aooinatlon of tho ealYes. Ho una aaeietod to too laborers 
Ho was taken ill with the influenaa and died on tho erenin* 
of ftrren&er IS. 

Other permanent on ploy ess were on date at Hoad- 
juarters, maintaining offioo and «torohouao t *ope, telephone 
U»as, pernor plant, Imildinge, water and se^or t^stea*, oto. f 

and others *oro engaged in improremant mk under Civil n^iueer 

«. - - **$*** *** ***** **V l *y*** 9t thie offioo purchased 

474.38 subscribed to the United f/ar fOOfe fond during tho 
- %0r fltt>loyooe and other aai* residents. 

taffalo Keener Thomas a. Frasler, l£tfc to 15th, 4 
days, aoooaat of sickness. 

Fisft-elasa Park Hanger B. C. Laeombe, 28th to 30th. 
* daya t account of sickness* 


iiurfe Banger SU *. Fret*i«r f 21st to 28th, 8 da?*, 

«T-e.r n^SS.** ******* *"* «»■" •*» ~ — *• 

Villiaa l 4 nrd««i f park raw^or, ^120a ptr 

dN. .f a^er?- 18 ■■ * u " i * "•— ^ " tl " t6d at *• 

1 Chief art ilanear- 5 rartc listers. 
1 sslstaat Sleotrlolaa at ^1200 per 
1 Buffalo Keeper at v ;1200 per mom, 
1 Assistant Buffalo Keener at 4900 par 

rraageraents nn nade at Yaaeey»s, near few Falls 
StatlM, for winter las surplus domestic antral,, (horses and 

Searoely say saow had fallen «y to the end of 

*Z^*lJ?J!!!?J^ S *L 90 * AlU *** * or wlU *»*»*1« through- 
out the parte eas of the best. 

Ho forest fires occurred during the aontfe. 

•speeially la the liaaisoa and tiardlner Hirers. 


P«A ssa < sssli!!eTr'' Wnt * ** ^ 0WM *P , ^»» *•*• ** *r 


2he out oro;,, hi oh *ae harrestod on the field at 
0«4lmr t was threshed and shewed an excellent yield. 1,*» 
beahels ww« threshed, honied to Readmiarters, and stored for 
future use. They woro oxcollont uality, aYorasiuc Si pounds 
to tho bushel. Of tho strew 13 tone >/ere baled far our weds 
for bedding for animals for tho /war. Jhis waa alao hauled 
wo Headquarters aad stored. 71 toat of timothy elcrrer and 
alfalfa hay wmm parohaood from tho ranchers la tho Yielaity 
of Gardinerj waa haled aad haulod to Raaa^aartoro for feeding 

of re m od el ti g tho two ooto of of floors' 
quarters lata foar flats waa continued Vat not f lnlshod. 31a- 
i!T W J* ymB **** <* *Ml*ins *<>. 2, formerly aaad as an 
offlao by tho Superintendent, with a riew to ronodelinr It 
Into a sot of carters for a family. 

lineman oonpleted tho installation 
of the nev switchboard la tho north and of tho haoholor 
qurtars. Tbmy also did hoary repair wort on tho lino hotw 
Mrrls aad Uppar Basln v and to Hirers ids station, resetting 
« ■■* ftl««i «* ©* tho ?*,/er Falls lino resetting 83 polos 
I team aad some extra labor wave required to assist than la 
this lino jar*. 

The old reserrolr at Headquarters waa drained and 
tho aad aad algae removed with eeraners, the 

_ rofillod urith 
water so that olear loo ooald bo nrocured later for f Hilar 
the loo-house. 

The metal a|gns 9 oontraotod for last year, ware 
raoolTod from the contractor, cheated end stored, to bo in- 
stalled next season. 

Begalar employees ./ere organised at Headquarter • for 
flCfttia* flro should it occur in any of the buildings, as nor 
•OWT of circular inclosed herewith. 

w\>r* on roads, bridges 9 oto., waa 
tho dirootion of CiTil Kncineer George K. 
■Mae la, as follows* 

7hm prtaelpal work s eoosjiillahod during tho month 
oonaisted of a small amount of road mintenanee aad imurore- 

Inolading MprirUir of the 3mH» Ri„ r krldco nd tha rerot- 
■»* •«» »1«W *ho north forte of tfao fft»«i— Rlror. On 
tho 12th of tho aoath work mo etartod hy tho oontraetor on 
tho road around tho Gardiner Slid*. 2oi*tro and altoratlono 

!3V!! i !J!,TMiJ h ? 1Ma « «■»••*• »• ■*-•«■ *>* sra*« a 

^ I*? «•*** **»"«**1 »•**. n* *• repair!*; e<jeipaont, 
maintaining IbIMIul-s, grouuda, oto. . waa oarrlod on. 

it tho aonth a anall . 
* or son, «ao oa .io^ad la aaklag a ohannol nhawi la . 
Gardiner Rtror, to prevent tho road fron prooahlo danego *r 
foturo froohoto. 3«ae rooks and soaldero wore hauled In and 
•■*•« In oereral olaeea ohere tho rood had — *— y to Zona a 
rorottaoat agalnat future high wetere. 

Aeoet tho flrot of tho aonth sibboae * load, 
traotora for tho road around tho Gardiner Slide, eoaao 
g** tn tholr oapnlleo aad ojuiTwnt and atartod tholr . 
work laoldantaJ to tho «oaatraotion work. On tho 12th of tho 
?*»* »*** •«*«lljr o o — io n grading under tholr ooatraot, 
aad from thoa antil tho oad of tho aoath they wimlil 3,00* 
ouhio yard* of olaaa 1 oxoaration (oasth) aad SOS eealo yards 
of olaaa I oxoaration (rook) and did a oortala amount of foroo 
-oaat work la oloarlag tho right-of-way. aoouatlag to ,42.1*. 
oontraotora' foroo at tho beginning of tho aoath laililii 

ftnlw a* ^ i A «... hl^MM ^_ 

«ly t» or tiiroo ion, but this us iatmiid, and at 
i ot tha month had a force of about 56 or 40 nan mad 7 o 
Fht taans and on* staan aharal jarfciiv- ?*«% «.,•> ^-^ 

•lent tasns and on. stocn ahorol jurfci*-. Tha war* , 
•onaistad of roqghlag out about 800 or 900 foot of tho light*? 
M*U* portion of tho road at stations 11 * 50 to 13 4 Oft 
tt + JOtoa + 60, aad fron 40 + 60 to 42 + 00. 3ono jro- 
liainarjr aark was dona lnatdantai to startle want an tho oon- 
orata rerotnant ^11. 

■* aaa dona on olthar the ost, ikmth, or 

in tho mm 

•f ahout 11 

enroling on the l*th mils, aacs«r>llehia* ahoat 500 f M t 
daring the moatiu Brsroilag opmtleu wars napoo* oa the 
5th of ths month tewtit of tho uimavl frcesias *o kut. 

Po work mis done during the math oa too road from 

JSf^L* 1 *H'* i j**.* 1 '*' *»* **•» *•**•« Jaotloa to old 
*■***■!• «r frsn Starts to ialos, to Con;.-™, to rawer fells, to 

*►* mfcrtBge, or or the Oc^ot to 2orrle read. 

In ths south forest rssarro a smell orew of from 4 
he * men ami 1 tsame wars scnloyed frm tee 1st to the 16th 
of ths month la grarellag ths roes la the Tielnltw of aoran 
ahout 1,000 foot hclag grsre!lod u ^\, ^J^ 

Plates ths grasrolllag from the Jonetloa at ths stars throwh 
to ifcsfflelde, sad certain stretches between the Juastlen st 
!5!?» •"•-half mllo north Joro grwrsllsd. of th 

s-draiaage structures oa this section rare oeqpletsd ad 
_of ths brush eordcro? ^ere repaired. Oa account sf ths 
- oold essthsi' sad ssow wsrk eas suspeedsd on the lftth. 

t small ore • osnelstl^r of ahent 6 men 
at toe month or repairs to ths Santo .lirer arldce. 
pile foundation was driven for ths abutment ef ths north sad 
of the triage, and ths old abutment, shlsh had saheldsd, ma 
isssrpsratad la s larger abutnsnt, shlsh was hro^ht ts the 
correct lsrel, sad ths bridge, shlsh had frsrloasly been ja 
up, ass lowered to olaee. This ooaerstiag sas eeumletsd oa 
too last of ths month, aasspt for a short ssotloa of concrete 
dlooring, which, owing to the extreme ssld seather, soald not 
is oroperl/ u>oteotod, and will here to he placed seat sprtsg. 
las opening la toe desk of the bridge is covered with plsnkinr 
sad ths structure It open to trsrsl. ^^ 

la ImaJKH fJiCati tMMTSX 

Dae orew of about 20 aen and <J teams ware alloyed 
the msath on reek fill leg srlh rsretoamt to retect 
l«g ths north font of the .heeheae Hirer, t ths 
end of the msath ths rerstownt wort wss competed with the ex- 

?S! !£•• "** **■• whioh Bh9 * U *• 'toltosdtosut ths 
10th sr 16th sf December, when the sra* will he disbanded. 
»s sssead asall ere* ef shout 4 asa sad 2 tsaas was asnlarsd 
ftsm tho let to the 10th of the month on rerctoaat wsrk 
ths earns locality. 

the oonth a preliminary surrey was made for 

!*!**!?!. ^J** *T~ faU0 -°<"*» "* ^HatH emit 
the ntiliaetion of a no* bridge aite at wnloh oolnt it is 
probable the ** bridges, \/hioh will be reclai md to the 
in Wm PHri »Mm% ; o 8 ■»!!■■ ir,,ou. Bill te meed ami 

the Clardiner Canyon, will to used for 
oai*- tl>e imm tm§ i olaoe of tho pmM unsatisfactory 
~rt*rary brldc-e, whloh was built by »• UaKfcy lairt aprii*. 
41 oatlaate will to nado for this read ohe^e a little later, 
and ratably speeifia&tiona and proposals rotten out for tho 
~tion of tho bridge V 

Report of mlti oollootod, transmitted, due, etc., 
If ineloaed on tho raj-nlar blank form. 

rooorecd ImPamJ tho 

tat few >eoplo resist© red at tho part: oat.. 
toly tho month of Berontor, as will to noted bor tho laelosed 
Ckief Bauer's trarol re >ort tor tho month. But Uttlo nwt 
fell terl2« tho month, and tho roado n tho woot alio, to 
Upper Basin and Yellowstone, aloe to Joda Butto on tho Oooto 
Cl^r *oad, era wtlll open for motor truis ortation. Hoary 

at to make Hirer Station rla Ganytm, Lata, and ftm 
loth, and tho road was opon to tho south 
to tho ond of Jloronber. 

Speeial Tiaitors ore rooordod aa folio ,s : 

B _ -toaro* Gibbons * Bood, of Salt Late City, arrived 
rla the western entrance en Beremtor 8th, and 
preparation* for robuildii*; the road in Oardlx 
their contract with the Hational Park Carries. 


Bootor ?• 0. Swanegr, Voter iaarl&a. Bureau of alaa! 
Xadaetry, was la the imrk Uwwto 6th to 10tli f and twm 
Hovembor lath to 2*d f far the purpose of raccinatin; the calves 
la tho two taffalo herd. 

Doctor H. H, Ooheacrar, Veterinarian ia Chaise of tho 
Binarok offloo f Bureau of Aaioal Industry, rieited tho nark 
14th to ISth- 

Doctor B. fc Curry, of tho United States /ubxio 
Health 3«rrloo f one ia oa l*oreaber 02th and mn% to the 
Buffalo fara where ho reraaiaed uatil tho 15th f attending 
Buffalo *£e«pcr Frailer, ate vac 112 vith Spaaiah Influoaaa 
and oemolleatlons* Doctor Our*y is osa >loyed by '&** ^hlis 
Health iiervloe and detailed to the state of ontana, for the 
apooial work of assisting la ooafoattinc the influaaaa, and 
arrangeaiaate for his services troro siade through tho State Board 
of Health of catena, 

la aanolaiata wore received durin: the math. 
;1LD Mil: 

She grasintf aad weather conditions for did aaimalc 
la the oark .ere ideal* la this connection, I quote monthly 
report of First-class ark Ranger Hoary ndersoa, who was 
stationed at oda Bat to, la the heart of the elk range at 
this tine of the year; 

'Pasture is solaadid* plenty of grass 
aad very little saov. General ooadltioa of 
game is better thaa I hare seen for years. 
So weak or crippled gene of any kind. Hare 
not found any dead since 1 ran the wires 
out of tho district last month* 

Other reports received are similar ia this resneot. 
Parties hunting near the *a*k lino have had tat little success 
time far 9 and the hunting season will he over at the end of 
the ISth of December. 

lx 8e Wars ere in evidence , as they are all 
ia winter quarters* 

«lYi? mft ftffifttfer Ho mires MM killed during 


the month, though they were considerably la evidence on Hough 
Crock and JTellrearing. ^enty-nine coyotes were killed durii^ 
the month !jy rasters and other s, *loh matees a total of 65 
killed during the -past three months. 

Msn&y& 2Jm&* ^tore Klkins, ,vfto was em >loyed as 
a hunter with his pack of trained dogs, succeeded la killing 
mountain lion during tho month. 

Jfe££a2& She tamo buffalo hoard ma In excellent 
condition. -Jho 1918 crop of calves was vaccinated for 
hemorrhagic septicemia hy Doctor 9* 0« Swaney, of the Buroau 
of Animal Industry, on liovemher 10th, and the second vaccina- 
tion vac given on Hovemfeer -0th and 21st, ?/hen 60 pw cent of 
tho male calves (16 in aamhor) were castrated. 2otal unmher 
of calves vaooinated f 26 tails and 37 females. Sixteen of 
the trails were castrated, .as i stance in this *o*k was given 
hy Bangers L'eBrido, Lacojsfcc, 2risehiaan, jidorson, and Boy T. 

^!. -L^.. .... __, ._ ,:_ 

ort of poaching was received during the month. 
She mmc lines were sell covered at frequent intervals, at 
all joints where any danger from peaching existed. 

ring Hovemher, meting Chief Hanger ^oBride net 
Mr. Kmest Shaw* Supervisor of tho fcearoloa national Forest, 
in Oerdiner, and explained to him the natural drift of elk 
frewaeaoraer to winter range in and adjoining the ri&rk. 
this data iir. Shm desired for use in preparing a soap for his 
listrict Office, in connection with the Forest ierviee 
for future handling of the elk situation near the *a*k. Ho 
has ixromlsed to furnish me with a co^y of this map ahen it is 

Eleven snowahoe oahins were put in ahar* for winter 
use, and su ^lies left in them for sno^ahoe parties. 

He sanitary v*ork was attempted during the month, 
except the usual amount of policing the grounds at Headquarters. 

Several eases of Spanish Influensa were reported in 

the *urk during the aonth, some of thin <jaite serious- 2he 
aost MTtoni oates */crc taken to Chic rings, :.fontaaa f 

for aaedieal and hospital Attention, exee t Buffalo Keeper 
frasior, afco had special aedieal attention until he died, at 
the Buffalo Fawu f 

JMHRh SHMk ■§» 

One death occurred, that or Buffalo Keeper Tftsmns 
<*♦ Frasiar, at the Buffalo Farra on Xorenber 15th/ which m 

the subject of i special re > 

The only aeeldent reported was that to a carpenter 
employed V thie office, who went to Gardiner on the erenitK 
of Koreabcr 6th f grot drunk, and returning bene on foot he 
fell and broke hie lag, or injured it so badly that he could 
net work, hut *ont to Uringston for nodical attention. He 
was discharged. 

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leaarrests were wade, and no Tlolations of the law 
were reported. 

Continued work of construction and repair of im- 
tts under Uiril Engineer Ooodjyin, so such an extent as 
aaw he practicable ia winter. 

Completion of locattonal and tectorial index of the 

Continued special patrols ale*? park lines durlag 
the hunting season, and making special arran^nonte for printer 
care of the wild animals. 

KaUtvnanoe and repair of buildings, water and sewer 
syste a, pow er plant, and telephone lines. Beoodellng dwellings 
to aeooonedato noro families, and remdellng ono of the stone 
stables for use as a machine sho i and garage. 


Ttrj r«is *ctfali % 7 t 




U. S. Departure Of Agriculture 
Weather Bureau. 

Weather Conditions Mammoth Hot Springs. 

November, 1918. 





Sunshine ; 

Monthly mean 86.7°. Departure, -2.6°. 
The lowest for tht» month was -5° on the 23d 
The lowest recorded during the period of 32 
years was -27 in 1896. 

Total, 0.66 inch. Departure, -0.78 inch. 
This total has been Hxceeded 21 times during 
the period of 30 years. 

Total 5.9 inches. Departure, -5.3 inches. 
This total has been exceeded 16 times during 
the 30 years of record. 

The total for the month was near the normal, 
with a maximum velocity of 30 miles per hour 
from the south, on the 10th. 

Percentage of possible, 41 which slightly 
below the normal. 

Yellowstone Park,Wyo. 
December 4,1918. 

(J. E. Lawton, 


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